Memoirs of an Exile, 1

Initiating Translation of Water Echoes:

First, if you have found, and translated this record please do not assume it is ancient, and do not assume it is of human craft—though I understand why you might assume such.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is best rendered through your vocalized form of communication as Asumande Letu Terothyn.

We share some similarities: both of our planets are organic and therefore capable of harboring life, both of our organisms use chemical processes to respire, both of our organisms consume and break down smaller life forms for energy, the most abundant molecule on both of our planets is water, and that is why I am here.

I am both a traitor and an exile. I have been stripped of any technological amplifications and forbidden from manufacturing any of my own–with precautionary measures in place to make sure I adhere to the conditions of my exile–and I am, therefore, left to wander the watered part of your world. I have been here sometime, and swam much of the waterways though I have many to meander yet.

Another similarity between us, and the motivation for keeping this record: we are both social creatures, capable of using tools, whose offspring have long gestation periods allowing for the accumulation and inheritance of knowledge, and as a social creature isolation precipitates the breaking down of mental capacities, and so I keep this echo, to maintain some semblance sanity. If you have found and translated it, I rejoice in your resourcefulness and curiosity. Both are important traits for any intelligent species.

Translation Complete.

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